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Break free from the 7% real estate commission with; simplification, guidence, flexibility, control and targeted exposure.

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The Motivation:

  • The classic real estate services provided when the National Realtors Association was founded in 1908 has gone through many shifts and the value provided today is not the same as it was back then. To quote a licensed real estate agent “get a real estate license, you can legally steal money from people and you wont go to jail if you are a member of our crime ring; it’s legal, highly respected, protected by powerful lobbyists and most of all can give you a nice sized bank roll.”
    • On the surface selling a home may seem like a complicated task requiring something of a law degree, when in fact it consists of a little of directed effort that you can complete on your own. The problem is that you can put in endless effort, but without correct direction you will be left with nothing which is why we have spent several years building a platform that will level the playing field for everyone. As a whole we have migrated from full service gas stations to self serve gas stations. There is no reason why we can’t go from full service realty to self service realty and save massive amounts of equity in the process
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  • Property By Owner List Was Founded On A Mission To Eliminate Real Estate Commission!

The PBOList Effect:

Simplification: All major aspects that create successful buying, selling or renting of real estate will be laid out for you in easy to understand steps and tools.

Guidance: The entire home selling process from preparing and marketing your home to negotiating and arranging the sale will be provided to you by using Self Serve Realty

Flexibility: No one will pressure you to make any decisions you don’t feel are right. You will be able to call the shots and have more home equity to work with when managing negotiations.

Control: All actions from start to finish and gain a better understanding

Exposure: Property By Owner List is the leading international real estate by owner listing website giving you the industries best in reaching perspective buyers, sellers or renters.

More Money: Saving this much equity is addictive and once you tackle one successful transaction with the help of Property By Owner List you will never go back to listing your home with fast talking agents who may present you with half truths or pressure you into doing something you don’t want to do.

What PBO Lister’s Think ..

I believe paying 6% in commission to real estate agents is not sustainable and very unreasonable in light of the work they perform. It will become outdated like the travel agents through whom we use to buy airline tickets with. Even more, Southwest Airline refused to let the middle men, like Expedia, sell their ticket. However, a real estate transaction is much more complicated than buying an airline ticket. Therefore, it would be a service like Property By Owner List to bring down the bearer that many home sellers face in this endeavor. - Katy Owen

Wow it took long enough.. I can see why we have Realtors to deal with flakes and other agents! I did save a little money and guess that out weighs the headache, but I did not enjoy the process. - Jake Woodward

PBO List is easy-to-use and affordable. True self serve realty and I dig it so why don't we all PBO List It !

- Robert Slater

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