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Despite what people may think, selling a home does not require something of a law degree; it is not a complicated process if you will take it step by step. Using a Realtor does not mean you can magically avoid dealing with potential issues and expenses, quite the contrary, you will still be responsible for all related issues and expenses not to mention the added weight of a 6-7% real estate commission. OUCH!


Successfully selling real estate is simply about hitting all the required markers and if you are a real estate sales person, making your client feel confident about the process. In the real estate sales profession today, most of the actual selling is in getting new clients and not so much the actual work of selling the home itself. Even the concept of hosting an open house is not really effective for selling a house, because all you are doing is welcoming in the public at large, it doesn’t matter if they are qualified and serious or not. The open house truly serves as an open forum for a Realtor to meet with new potential buyers and future sellers while appearing to be working to sell their clients home. When I look around my community to see what businesses seem to have the largest advertising budgets, it is usually the top producing real estate agents and personal injury attorneys. These are two of my least respected professions simply because the value provided to the consumer by most in these professions, could stand an improvement to say the least.


It is my mission to eliminate real estate commission, but for that to be a reality consumers must be informed of the steps required to getting the task completed successfully, without burning out and giving up as so commonly occurs when people have no direction. Would you board a flight with a pilot who had no plan or direction, but was going to give flying a try and may happen to land safely at your destination or more likely crash somewhere else? The answer is an obvious no I hope, and if that is the case why would you go about selling your home without a plan or direction?


The following are 6 basic steps to selling without paying a 6 percent real estate commission!


Step 1: Preparation

Step 2: Listing / Marketing

Step 3: Showing / Negotiating

Step 4: The Paperwork 

Step 5: The Closing

Step 6: The Expenses Broken Down

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