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Real Estate is more complicated than most other transactions that occur between two or more parties which is why for so many years we have employed professionals to figuratively hold our hands and guide us through the process in return for a 6% real estate commission which ends up being $12,000 on a modest $200,000 home.

Today with a more technology based world of commerce there is no reason why the average consumer can’t leverage the power of easy to access information and tools available with self serve realty by Property By Owner List along with the ability to reach a international market in a matter of seconds.

We hope to best serve you in any way possible and encourage you to join us on our mission to eliminate real estate commissions!

Our History,

Property By Owner List started as a NW Florida online by owner classified real estate advertising service created in response to the subprime mortgage crisis rapidly plaguing the US Housing Markets at the time (late 2008) causing many property owners to hold negative equity in their homes. This service allowed owners to gain the understanding and proper advertising medium needed to successfully sell or rent property direct in effort to retain as much equity as possible when marketing property. In 2012, with growing popularity, Property By Owner List expanded operations to serve the entire United States and in the process concentrated on making a better online by owner real estate marketplace, with less emphasis on print media operations.  Thank You For Your Continued Support!

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Lets look at the history of transacting real estate, the reason why we have Realtor’s in the first place is because in the colonial times there were investors or land barrens that were basically buying up peoples land for bottom dollar because they could, they had the knowledge and the general public did not. So then about a 100 years ago in 1908 a few people had the idea to create an organization of what are now known as The Board of Realtors to act as intermediary real estate expert’s who would serve the client to help level the playing field and for this service they collected a fee in the form of a commission. This concept has built many multi billion dollar real estate brokerage franchises and is one of the biggest global industry’s (Real Estate).  While this concept worked very well in previous times, today we live in an information age where information is freely exchanged and knowledge is easily accessed through our finger tips.  With this in mind, there really is no reason why the consumer should not be able to successfully save equity by transacting property on their own. Yes you can do it without an agent because Property By Owner List is here to help!

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